What We Do What We Do

The offer

We provide simple solutions to complex HR challenges. In short, we recruit, motivate and manage your specialist remote IT team.

Consider us a gateway to a roster of A-list IT talent.

Once this talent is added to your new dedicated development team at our offshore Zeropoint offices, it will work seamlessly with your existing teams.

“We see in Zeropoint a strategic partner who advises us on how to build and maintain our remote teams for the long run.”

Hein – Cognistreamer

Zeropoint takes care of your offshore HR needs:

  • Hire Top Players
    Hire top players
  • Evaluate & motivate
    Evaluate & motivate
  • Help monitor activity
    Help monitor activity
  • Handle administration
    Handle administration
  • Provide work infrastructur
    Provide work infrastructure

You keep full control over your IT processes:

  • Use your own servers
    Use your own servers
  • Use your own tools
    Use your own tools
  • Set your own deadlines
    Set your own deadlines
  • Stick to your own planning
    Stick to your own planning
  • Directly and daily communicate with your remote team
    Communicate directly and daily with your remote team

How we work

We source the highest calibre of talent for almost every conceivable industry sector and we're happy to provide references and testimonials from any of our customers in any given sector.

  • 01
    Strategic need assessment
  • 02
    Team Recruitment
  • 03
    Probation period
  • 04
    Long-term partnership

Step One: We assess your needs

We'll come to you. You'll tell us how you operate, explain your procedures and tell us what you need, and we'll listen.
We'll take everything back to HQ and lay the foundation of your new team in this strategic needs assessment.

“Through a thorough need assessment, Zeropoint succeeds in identifying the exact needs and then knows how to fulfil them with skilled resources.”

Antonio – EY

Step Two: We'll cross reference your needs with our database

As IT recruitment specialists, we maintain a roster of A-list talent and a constant presence in the South Asian Job market.
Using the data we've collated, we'll find the perfect fit.

“There is a real need for affordable talent that can be deployed at short notice, however, this is impossible to find in Belgium. With Zeropoint we have found a flexible and qualitative partner that was able to scale up in time of need.”

Toon – PhiRater

Step Three: Three months probation.

All our recruits begin as full-time employees after a mandatory three month probationary period.

“With Zeropoint I have a relationship of mutual trust in which there is a clear respect for people and business. We perfectly understand each other in those moments where we have to go the last mile. With Zeropoint as a remote partner, I don’t see why people can object to working with a remote team.”

Ann – Marfashion

Step Four: We monitor, maintain and manage your remote-team

At Zeropoint we take pride in our continuous partnerships. The majority of our clients stay with us for the long haul and as their IT needs grow and evolve, we're happy to keep building effective teams.

“It truly gives us a lot of extra strength knowing our international team inside out. Knowing we can count on a true partner at all times. The remote team really takes a load off for our local team.”

Frank & Domien Cognistreamer NV

We build teams experienced in your technologies

As IT HR specialists, we recruit and maintain A-list talent well versed in a broad set of current technologies.

We source the highest calibre of talent in almost every technology and we're happy to provide references and testimonials from any of our customers in any given technology.

  • Angular JS
  • Vue JS
  • React JS
  • Node JS
  • Amazon
  • Windows
  • logstash
  • Kibana
  • Progress
  • Amazon JS
  • Go
  • Drupal
  • Azure
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • HTML
  • .Net
  • Android
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Intex
  • Web Scraping
  • Data-Science
    Data Science
  • System-Architecture
  • Scrum Mastering
What We Do What We Do

Getting the most from your remote team

Over the last decade, we've developed our own bespoke framework, which we've dubbed Operational Offshore Management or OOM for short. The platform is laser-targeted at the remote working market and boasts a wealth of features, ten years in the making.

OOM model allows us to:

  • 01

    Help monitor and track team dynamics and performance

    “The open and honest way Zeropoint holds up a mirror makes us more alert and forces us to bring out the best in ourselves.”

    Annick – Zimmo
    Annick – Zimmo
  • 02

    Provide tried and tested tools enabling high effectiveness in virtual teams.

    “Zeropoint stimulates us at all times to overcome personal barriers with a set of useful tools to work with our remote customer.”

    Atif Ali, Senior PHP developer Zeropoint
    Atif Ali, Senior PHP developer Zeropoint
  • 03

    Train people in virtual team communications, on-site and remotely.

    “Zeropoint stands for smooth, quick and to the point communication. They not only deliver the right developer but also give them additional guidance so that they are capable of taking initiative and are able to think with you on a higher level.”

    Toon – PhiOS
    Toon – PhiOS
  • 04

    Build, foster and share, remote-team best practices.

    “I have found that working with our other offices in Belgium is harder than working with our remote team in Sri Lanka.”

    Antonio – EY
    Antonio – EY

Zeropoint has managed and worked with remote teams since 2007. Our experience has yielded invaluable knowledge and insights.
Working (happily) Apart Together, is a little acronym we devised to share our experiences and insights surrounding the set up of successful, lasting, working relationships with remote teams. WhAT focuses on culture, processes, remoteness and teamwork.

Meet the family

Zeropoint is an international company with a global focus built on respect, openness and reliability. Zeropoint was founded by two volunteer engineers working together in the aftermath of the devastating 2005 earthquake in Kashmir. Their efforts, alongside others, in the relief operation demonstrated just how much highly-skilled and talented people could achieve together, irrespective of their global location.

These insights still guide Zeropoint today. In our experience, borders are minor challenges to be overcome. We believe the right person is the right fit for the right challenge, irrespective of geographical, physical, cultural or temporal constraints.

Bart Van Loon

Managing partner
Bart Van Loon

“As an engaged IT graduate who grew up overseas, I've seen another way of addressing the growing shortage of highly skilled IT professionals in the Western labour markets. Today, I am very proud of what the team behind Zeropoint is doing every day to turn that vision into a reality.”

Liesbet Jorissen

Customer relations
Liesbet Jorissen

“I love developing platforms to lift people to the next level. My hands-on mindset is the catalyst between the needs and expectations of both the remote teams and customers looking for a solution-oriented manner.”

Rangana Dilan

Country Director Sri Lanka
Country Director Sri Lanka

“I am happy to leverage management and IT expertise in transforming remote team relationships to synergies and setting milestones of our success story.”

Omer Javed

Country Director Pakistan
Omer Javed

“Carrying many years of European IT industry experience managing successful software deliveries to SME's and finetuning collaboration processes, I feel confident to lead a team of competent IT specialists to deliver their best to their customers.”

Kathleen Mertens

Recruitment specialist
Kathleen Mertens

“As a psychologist, I’m passionate about people and bringing them together. I’m dedicated to fitting the right talent to the right team/job. Watching the perfect match bloom into a successful collaboration is what drives me at Zeropoint.”

Jelle Mattelaer

Managing partner
Jelle Mattelaer

“Since 2007 we've been creating a working environment focussed on professional growth and well being. Only with a solid foundation can we deliver those win-win scenarios and sustainable partnerships with our staff and our customers.”


What to Expect

  • People
    • A high recruitment bar
    • Strong retention & Good infrastructure
    • Focus on employee well being
  • Customers
    • Years of bridge building
    • Contracts as old as us (10yrs+)
    • Zero hassle HR
  • Value driven
    Value driven
    • Respectful
    • Reliable
    • Open

Where are
we located ?