Rudi Middel - Functional Designer, SkillSource

Working together with Prasanna was a very pleasant experience. Not only on a professional but also on a personal level. He is eager to learn, not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them and can solve questions without any interference.

On a personal level he is open and easy to communicate with. This results in a open and relaxed atmosphere.

Janaka Chandana - Java developer, Zeropoint.IT

Zeropoint is the best place for the software engineers. They provide all the facilities such as a good and relaxing development environment and necessary trainings. This way we can optimally fulfil customer expectations. These conditions helped me to succeed in my career path. Also I work with highly skilled and talented people, which is a great advantage for me.

Thilanka Silva - .NET developer, Zeropoint.IT

It is always a pleasure to introduce myself as an employee at Zeropoint.IT, which gives many priceless opportunities that one could have in his career as a software developer. This way, Zeropoint.IT is creating the perfect bridge between Europe’s IT skills hunger and Asian talent.

Olivier Longville - CEO, Unibo bvba

For a non-IT business attracting programming talent is a major challenge far from the core business. Yet, thanks to Zeropoint.IT, we still managed to quickly get a very strong programmer with a lot of relevant experience to staff our internal IT projects.

The developer spent one month at our offices in Belgium. Now the cooperation continues from a distance. Successfully!

Valéri Natanelov - CEO, GrowAbric cv

At any SME, finding the right people is an absolute must. In our extensive search for capable IT staff we crossed Zeropoint.IT's path. Bart sincerely listened to my (very specific) requirements and could very soon propose a great PHP programmer for GrowAbric. After only a few short weeks we had a very good relationship with him which guarantees a lasting partnership with real added value to all our IT projects.