Learn about offshoring

It is to the relocation of the business activities of an organisation (e.g. IT, finance and accounting, back office, and human resource) to a foreign country. Here two important questions could come up in Your mind: why is offshoring becoming more and more popular and how could I benfit from it?

Key drivers of IT offshoring

  • Structural and worsening capacity problems in Europe regarding skilled IT professionals. Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a candidate to an IT position
  • Increasing expenditure on IT and software development
  • The ability of the developing countries to supply highly-skilled English speaking IT professionals
  • The significant investments in education and infrastructure in the developing countries, and their mproved business, economic, and political climate.
  • The development of technolgy rearding the Internet and telecommunication
  • Last but not least the standardization of IT processes and communication protocols and the expanding success of Open Source also contribute a lot in the growth of the offshoring business.

Benefits of IT offshoring

  • Cost advantage, thereby your company can easily achieve higher economies of scale
  • Increasing competitiveness, flexibility, and efficiency by concentrating on core activities and focusing on achieving key strategic objectives
  • Accessing to unique expertise, special capabilities, and innovative abilities that cannot be found in home country